Currency Cycles

Each currency constantly moves in cycles. Each one has a cycle on each timeframe, starting with Weekly, then Daily and H4 inside of it. My job is to read traders’ emotions in every cycle. My job is to read price action in each cycle. My job is to watch how cycles change.

A currency cycle does not end without reason. In order for any bullish cycle to end, another currency’s bullish cycle must replace it. Even pausing of the cycle does not happen without reason – another currency must temporarily generate a strong move in the same direction in order to force the main trending currency to pause.

By trading at the end of the currency cycles I am ensuring the greatest potential for currency appreciation or depreciation.

By watching all currency cycles, I ensure an understanding of the reasons why a cycle ends or is paused.

By patiently executing one cycle after another, I ensure long term profitability, guaranteed through the edge present in my trading method. I do not have to worry about any individual trades – my job is to catch the cycles.

At the end of each successfully identified cycle I will always come out on top, regardless of likely losses accepted while trying to establish the winning entry. Through not worrying about an individual entry and instead concentrating on catching the cycle, I ensure relaxed and free trading.


Pathetic or Profitable

It is often difficult to recover from frustration of bad trading. When you make the mistakes you know you shouldn’t have made. When your read of the Market had been particularly poor and you are feeling absolutely disgusted with yourself about it.

Notice your thinking, notice your feeling, hear your self-talk. Instead of learning something from your mistakes and using frustration as merely a catalyst to do something about it, you are succumbing to your frustration, carefully nurturing it together with your ego. You do not want frustration to end, because then it will be time to take action, fixing the issues you have in your trading. You’d much rather play the victim of big bad Market, who is out there to get you.

You can be pathetic or profitable – never both.

Market Watch – 15th of March 2017

There is always something interesting going on in the Market. Different events will make different traders feel differently. Our job is to read their emotions and feelings the best we can and find out where the crowd will be trapped.


Trader Emotions

Price is moved by traders. Traders are moved by feelings and emotions. Our job is to read these emotions on the chart. When traders are under stress their behavior becomes much more predictable, allowing us to profit from their mistakes.


EURAUD update

Trading is much easier in hindsight! I completely misinterpreted the strong bearish support in EA in my last analysis. Let’s take a fresh look:

19 - EA W

My contrarian tendencies can be a real burden sometimes, as I fail to see potential breakouts 9 times out of 10. Definitely something to work on.