27th of December 2017

This is a very interesting rejection that could lead to CAD reversal. And of course, as AUD, NZD and CAD have been leading the recent Bullish surge, it could in turn cause correction in these other currencies… …speaking of which, AUD certainly looks a little bit overextended… However, judging by the Weekly chart, I would […]

11th of December 2017

Price has been rejected from the lows, but if it shows weakness trying to break through the current price congestion, this is a good Short opportunity. After strong rejection from the lows last week, and weaker Bearish correction, my bet is that Price is going to test the Daily highs again. It is a struggling […]

4th of December 2017

Only waiting for a weak pullback, preferably between 2 yellow levels on H4… Very tricky rejection, but Bearish trend remains intact. There is a good chance of spending some time between the two yellow SR levels. Rejection from the resistance will signal a Sell entry. My trade from 3 weeks ago just got closed in […]

1st of December 2017

That happened faster than expected. Let’s see how the price acts at this lower support and if any weaker pullback is offered to establish a short entry. That short idea did not work out very well and the trend is now officially reversed. Still trading in a bigger range on Weekly, but there is enough […]

30th of November 2017

As we approach the bottom boundary of this 2 months long range, I am watching closely for a breakout. EG might be preparing a Weekly trend reversal. Price failed to reach the lower support, and trend remains down, albeit very slow one. On H4 price is being rejected from the most recent swing high – […]

29th of November 2017

While trend is clearly Bullish on Daily, the prior Bearish wave on Weekly is still causing some concerns. Price is approaching an important resistance, and Bears showed some strength in the last 5 weeks, breaking Bullish TL. As Price trades near the recent high, I am watching for a potential breakout failure. Recent Bullish strength […]

28th of November 2017

GJ is slowly correcting lower, and as it breaks the recent low many stops will be triggered. Given the context of weak correction after an explosive Bullish move 2 months earlier, a rejection of this coming break is very likely. Note too that we are in a weak pullback after a strong break above major […]