GC – Reversal after a strong move

13 - GC (D-W)

13 - GC (Daily Picture)

GC reversed from minor SR zones on Daily. However, CA and CN were rejected from major Weekly support zones.

Interesting to see how H1 was interacting with prior SR levels. First real support came around the middle of the day. If we look at currency profiles, the pause was caused by bullish moves in NZD, AUD and to leser extent CHF. As soon as these other currencies stopped pushing CAD down, it instantly broke through the support.

A bit later price overcame another significant support area from the previous day. Will be interesting to see if the price will come back to retest it tomorrow and it can be key to the future direction of this pair.

Note CJ and CH – both pairs came to a resistance that they were unable to overcome. These If JPY and CHF push higher tomorrow, CAD will have to wait with its ascendance.

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